Owner Testimonials

Duke was worth the trip!


We picked up our big bundle of love, Duke, on May 20th, 2017. He was well worth the 9 hour (each way) trip from the Massachusetts North Shore to get him.

I made the trip twice, once to visit the facility (really Dog Haven) and meet the owner, and the second time with my children to pick up our puppy. The owner Joe and staff, especially Molly, are just wonderful. Their love and dedication to these dogs just shows. We were able to visit with the puppies as well as many of the other SOG weims and I was absolutely impressed with the way everything was done with the physical, mental and emotional well being of the dogs in mind. From their socialization of the puppies at an early age to the amazing acres of play areas for the older dogs. There is a purpose and thought process of what is best for the dogs in all that they do.

My children had the experience of a lifetime, from Adult weims who simply came up and dropped to the ground inviting a belly rub, to a weim puppy pile that they will never forget. Thank you for an amazing experience and an amazing puppy!

Our Duke is a beautiful dog inside and out. He is so striking he turns heads wherever we go. He has been to the vet twice for his normal puppy appointments and is healthy and happy. He is very social and well adjusted. Whether it is picking my son up from elementary school with a hundred kids wanting to come over and say hi, to a crowd of people and dogs attending Fireworks on the 4th of July, he takes it all in stride. I can’t say enough great things about SOG and highly recommend them if you are looking for a Weimaraner.


Mara is great at getting along!

Hi Joe,

Just wanted to share with you and the Shade of Grey family. Our girls are getting along great and we couldn’t be any more happy with adding Mara to our family! She is learning quickly from Allie who is now four and they get along amazingly. Attached are a couple of photos of the girls!!! We are so grateful for finding you and your team and thank you again! Looking forward to the next time we get out your way! Who knows, maybe we will be looking to adding another girl to the family!

Thank you again!

The DeChane’s

Cheena is amazing!


I am not sure if Mike and I sent you this updated picture of Cheena but she is an angel sent to us. I can’t say enough about the quality of dogs you have and we are looking forward to our next baby.

Thank you so much for all you do.

Debbie and Mike

Annie loves Cheena; worth the long drive!

Hi Joe,

Well, we can’t thank you enough because you’re the best thing that we ever found for a breeder. Obviously that’s why my husband drove 2300 miles because he would not have any other dog but yours. Annie and Cheena are inseparable.


Debbie and Mike, Nevada

Penny is very beautiful!

Hi Joe,

I just want to thank you! You have blessed my husband and I with the most beautiful, hysterical and lovable weim. She may be a hand full from time to time, but we have loved every second with her. Every single person that meets her immediately falls in love with her personality and compliments on how stunning she is. We love our Penny very very much and we are so thankful for you! ♡♡♡

The middle picture in the farthest right hand column was taken on Saturday, she’s getting so big ♡♡♡


Lucy is an active and fun Weim!

Hi Joe!

Just wanted to touch base with you. Lucy is doing great and we are so thankful to have her. We have been walking about 6 miles 4X a week at least. I have been letting her off her lead and run in an open field by us….she has been doing awesome!!

We can’t thank you enough for such a loving faithful dog. She, of course, does have those weim crimes and we have learned to laugh!

Marc and Amy

Very Special Dogs!

Dear Joe,

I want to tell you about the two greatest gifts I have ever known!

First: My Lola Bean is a Hannah girl through and through. She is the most loving dog. Beanie wants to snuggle and sit on my lap as though she is a puppy! Lola is the Queen at home. She walks beautifully on her leash and loves all people, big and small. I love when she wags her entire body and smiles! I can’t help but be happy. She is the best girl I could ever ask for! Lola is also the very best mama dog!! Having Lola bred at SOG was an experience of a lifetime! Every moment was precious. Twice I have watched my beautiful girl give birth to absolutely perfect puppies! It was a miracle to watch and be a part of! This leads me to my other gift: Rosy Posy!!

Rosy is a pip and a sprite and a curious, joyful girl!! I laugh out loud when I see her Mohawk nose! She looks for hugs and kisses all of the time! She is a cuddle bug! This girl is fast!! To watch her run is amazing! She loves me and her mama Bean so much. Rosy wants to be where we are. I call her the Princess! She walks on her leash without pulling and people stop us on our walks to comment on how beautiful she and Lola are. I want you to know that these girls are my world and a constant source of joy! Thank you for being our Dog Man and raising and breeding these special dogs with great love and compassion!


Sawyer is full of energy!

Hi Joe!

Here is a picture of Sawyer today enjoying the beach! He is 8 months and full of energy! He is the best dog/fur son ever ? Marilyn and I are really looking forward to picking up a brother for him in the coming years! ??


Abbey is so pretty!

Hi Joe!

Abbey wanted to say hello on her 1st birthday. She continues to be a huge love and so many compliments on how pretty she is! She loves to play fetch, run through the parks, play with any dog that will play with her and is a great snuggler:) Thank you for breeding such beautiful dogs from the inside out!


Drake is family loving!


We thought we would send you some updated photo’s of our boy Drake. He is 4 years old now and a big part of our family. We welcomed our second daughter into our lives on March 5th this year and Drake has adopted her as his own.

We get plenty of complements when people see Drake. He is a handsome boy and a very good looking weimaraner. We are so thankful to have chosen him as our dog.

Greg and Christine

Sydney is a quick learner!

Hi Joe,

Sydney is doing great. He makes everyday interesting. The attached pictures were taken at 3 months old. He is able to do the basic commands, sit, stay, give paw, etc. He was crate trained in no time, and hasn’t has an accident in the house for awhile either. He is also really good at getting things that he is not supposed to have and running! He really enjoys playing in the snow, although he seems to get cold easily. We will be starting a basic obedience course next month and hope to learn a few things. Sydney is a great companion and follows me everywhere, really is a Velcro dog!


Adda is a joy to have!

Hi Joe,

It will be 6 weeks that we’ve had Adda. She sure has been a great addition two our lives. She was easy to housebreak & she’s sleeping through the night. She is very active & likes to grab anything she knows we don’t want her to have & run, she also likes her toys. She can now reach the table & counter tops to see whats up there. Her sniffer is good, too. John got a pheasant wing & pulled it around the yard & when I left her out she picked up the trail & found it easily [think she`ll be a good hunter]. We take her in the car alot & people often say what a pretty girl she is. She is a very happy puppy, we just love her. I`m sending some pics so you can see how she`s grown.

John and Patty

Barrett is smart and handsome!


How is everything? Hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know Barrett is getting neutered today. I am so impressed with him, not only how handsome he is but also how smart. I get many compliments on how well behaved he is and how good looking! He is such a joy to have and everyday is an adventure. I couldn’t be happier. He has been trained to Invisible Fence® Brand and very quickly, I might add. He is also going through obedience and on a remote training collar. We will be starting his bird hunting training in the fall and hope to have more pictures for you. This picture is of him on point in our back yard watching the birds. I wanted to say thank you again not only for your kindness and picture/video messages throughout the beginning stages but also for your follow up after he came home. You are a great breeder and anyone I can tell about you, I do! Have a great weekend.


Diesel has great personality!

Hi Joe,

How are you? Just writing to give you an update on Diesel. He will be 9 mos. old this week. He is doing great and we love him soo much! Kevin said a few months back that he didn’t realize how much he missed having a dog now that we have Diesel!! We were just at the vets the other day and she said what a nice personality Diesel has and how we are doing a great job with him! He has been such a great dog with such a nice loving personality. He can be a momma’s boy and usually lies on the couch with me every night. One pic of him you see him on the couch watching out the window which he loves to do. When I have more pic’s from my camera downloaded to the computer, I’ll email some more!! Thanks for a great dog!! Take care.


Gryphon is an eye grabber!

Hi Joe,

Hard to believe! The changes are more subtle, now, but he’s growing into a handsome dog! Sometimes, he exhibits boundless energy ~ others, he’s calm and quiet. Gryphon catches everyone’s eye as we walk around the neighborhood! We’re very proud of him!


Wrigley is a great dog!

Hi Joe,

Just wanted to say hi and see how things were. I was talking to a guy at work today. He was telling me how he is thinking of getting a puppy and perhaps a weim and knew that we had one. I gave him your website and said you were a wonderful breeder 🙂 He seems really excited, because his wife didn’t want a dog that shedded and he didn’t want a fufu dog. They have a 3 year old boy. Anyway just wanted to see how things were going. Wrigley is doing good. He actually is having his “boy” surgery today. I am hoping that went well! He hasn’t had an accident in the house for months now and his only “problem” is chewing… but only on blankets and the pillows to my couch! And he got one of my shoes! Great dog overall though 🙂

Thank you,

Laura Weeks

We love our Weimaraner puppy!

Hi, Joe!

This is Amy and John Paul Cupples who purchased a Weimaraner puppy from you last July. We couldn’t ask for a better companion! She is so sweet! She loves people and is so good with kids. We were very blessed to get her! Here are some pictures of her….


Amy & JP

Wiley is great and has an appetite!


Here are a few pictures of Wiley. The one picture of him with the black lab looking up is my favorite!! 🙂 The black lab is my brother’s dog! (They are in the picture with the fire along with my parents and their dog, Sadie (who is almost 16!!).

Honestly, I’m not sure how much Wiley weighs. Last time we weighed him, he was at 56 lbs. I know he weighs more then that now! I would say between 60-65. Probably about 60 I’m guessing. Wiley eats so much food! My vet said to increase his food, so he is up to 7 cups of food a day!!! SEVEN!!!! What a piggy pig! He loves running with my husband and blasting through the open fields by our house!

Oh, guess what? My parents love Wiley so much they are saying their next dog will be a Weimaraner! (which could be at any time!) Will you be having pups again anytime soon?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Take care!


Drake catches everyone’s attention!


It’s been far too long since any updates from us Canadians. . . I hope all is going well, and all we can say is that Drake is doing just fine. He’s settled in as an immigrant and he’s growing at quite a steady rate. He’s been through the first puppy class offered in our area and graduated with flying colors. Everyone stops us in our walks and asks “what kind of dog is that?, he’s so striking!” We tell them and they look at us with a blank stare. The picture we are sending is of our engagement photo and our big happy family. It’s not the most recent, but we will get more to you (Drake’s probably 4 months old at the time). Thanks again for making such a great effort in providing wonderful weims, it is much appreciated.

From north of the border,
Greg and Christine Wollerman