Very Special Dogs!

Dear Joe,

I want to tell you about the two greatest gifts I have ever known!

First: My Lola Bean is a Hannah girl through and through. She is the most loving dog. Beanie wants to snuggle and sit on my lap as though she is a puppy! Lola is the Queen at home. She walks beautifully on her leash and loves all people, big and small. I love when she wags her entire body and smiles! I can’t help but be happy. She is the best girl I could ever ask for! Lola is also the very best mama dog!! Having Lola bred at SOG was an experience of a lifetime! Every moment was precious. Twice I have watched my beautiful girl give birth to absolutely perfect puppies! It was a miracle to watch and be a part of! This leads me to my other gift: Rosy Posy!!

Rosy is a pip and a sprite and a curious, joyful girl!! I laugh out loud when I see her Mohawk nose! She looks for hugs and kisses all of the time! She is a cuddle bug! This girl is fast!! To watch her run is amazing! She loves me and her mama Bean so much. Rosy wants to be where we are. I call her the Princess! She walks on her leash without pulling and people stop us on our walks to comment on how beautiful she and Lola are. I want you to know that these girls are my world and a constant source of joy! Thank you for being our Dog Man and raising and breeding these special dogs with great love and compassion!

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