Wrigley is a great dog!

Hi Joe,

Just wanted to say hi and see how things were. I was talking to a guy at work today. He was telling me how he is thinking of getting a puppy and perhaps a weim and knew that we had one. I gave him your website and said you were a wonderful breeder 🙂 He seems really excited, because his wife didn’t want a dog that shedded and he didn’t want a fufu dog. They have a 3 year old boy. Anyway just wanted to see how things were going. Wrigley is doing good. He actually is having his “boy” surgery today. I am hoping that went well! He hasn’t had an accident in the house for months now and his only “problem” is chewing… but only on blankets and the pillows to my couch! And he got one of my shoes! Great dog overall though 🙂

Thank you,

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