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Q:   How does the puppy selection process work?

A:    The puppies are not chosen until pickup weekend. We do encourage visits before then however final selection is not made until that weekend (8 weeks of age). The selecting order goes according to the deposit list. What we do is schedule individuals in 1 - 1½ hour increments throughout the weekend (Friday evening, all day

Saturday, some on Sunday depending).











Example: If there are 5 males in a litter, then person #1 on the list would choose from the 5 males. The #2 male pick would come next and have choice of the remaining 4 boys. And so on.

On pickup weekend, some of our staff will be on hand to answer all questions that come up and offer guidance in selecting a puppy being that they have come to know the puppy's personalities well.


Q:     Do you advocate/recommend crate training?

A:     Yes. Crate training is a vital part of training your puppy. At first it may be a challenge however your puppy will become acclimated with the crate in a short time. For the safety of your puppies' health and your furniture crate training is best.

Q:    What brand of food do you recommend?

A:     We highly recommend TLC Whole Life Natural Dog Food. Over the many years of breeding, we have used several brands of dog foods and prefer TLC. All of our dogs love the TLC flavor and we have noticed less runny stools in the adults and in litters of puppies as well. That can be attributed to the live probiotics which are contained in TLC. We like the fact also that it is only home delivered and made fresh, not sitting on shelves in a warehouse.

When it comes to having a healthy and happy dog it all comes down to diet and exercise. We feel TLC whole life pet food is the answer for proper nutrition.

Q:    How often do you breed your females and for how long?

A:     Typically, one of our females is bred on her second heat cycle averaging around 20-21 months old. That is as long as she passes all of her health checks (hip X-rays, size, any congenital problems) 

Our females are bred typically once a year depending on how often they may cycle. They are retired around the age of 5. Some of the retired females remain with us at SOG while others are adopted out to homes.


Q:    How long have you been breeding?  What is the focus of your breeding program?


        A:      We have been breeding since 2005. The focus of our breeding program is to produce happy, healthy,            and well-socialized puppies that adhere to the American Kennel Club standards.

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