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Puppy Questionnaire!
Do you plan on spaying or neutering this dog?*
Have you owned a Weimaraner in the past?*
What gender do you prefer?*
What qualities do you like about the Weimaraner breed?*
What type of activities do you plan on or would you like to do with your dog?*
Do you own or rent your home?*
What additional plans do you have to fulfill your dog's exercise requirements?
Where will your dog spend the night?*
Do you have an adequate size crate for your dog?*
What other pets do you currently own?*
If for some reason you can't keep the dog, are you willing to contact the breeder?*
Would you consider adopting an older/rescue dog?
What are the most important qualities that you are looking for from a breeder?*
What appealed to you most about our website?*
Where did you hear about us?*

Your questionairre has been submitted!

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