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About Shade of Grey


We have been raising the Weimaraner breed since 2001. Breeding these amazing dogs has been our passion since 2005.

We are located just south of Erie,Pa. Centrally located in between Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Cleveland. All of our weims are home raised with access to large outdoor exercise areas. Many of our dogs have been trained on bird hunting and have shown good ability in doing so. Weimaraners are full of energy and tenacity in the field, however if given the proper amount of exercise and stimulation they make very docile and loving pets in the home. Our breeding dogs have been checked by the OFA or Penn Hip for hip dysplasia and have proper certifications. All of our weims are registered with the AKC.

Proper nutrition, exercise and socialization is the focus of our breeding program. Our dogs are fed a top grade premium brand dog food. Expectant and nursing mothers are supplemented with different natural products. We are located near a large state game lands which is utilized often for hunting, training and exercise.

What We Do

Our weimaraners have a 20 acre fenced in area which allows them to roam free and explore. This also serves as an excellent resource for training. We have litters of Weimaraner puppies throughout the year. Our heated 2000 sq. ft.+ building offers ample space for selecting a puppy in cold weather months. All of our indoor and outdoor dog areas are remotely monitored by a camera surveillance system to ensure security and safety for our dogs.

All expectant mothers whelp their pups in the house in a climate controlled setting and are closely monitored and assisted throughout the entire labor.


During the first 3 days of life the pups are watched closely and possibly assisted with supplemental feeding depending on litter size as well as helping out smaller ones. At four to five days of age, the puppies dewclaws are removed and their tails are docked.

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